What is a "Post-Op Massage" and why is it important?

In the industry, many terms are thrown around but what do they actually mean? Lets start with the basics!

What is lymphatic massage?

Lymphatic drainage massage is a gentle form of massage that encourages drainage of lymph nodes and movement of lymph fluids around the body. Compared to deep tissue massage, this type of treatment is very superficial since it activates the lymph capillaries which are only located in the dermis.


While there are different styles of lymphatic massage including Vodder, Leduc and Godoy & Godoy, true lymphatic massage should not hurt, it does not involve picking open scabs or pushing fluids out of incisions!

Lymphatic massage vs "Post-op massage

Plastic surgery tends to be practiced a little differently worldwide. Due to a rise in surgical tourism, our clients' post-op conditions vary greatly. Because of this "Post-Op Massage" takes on an umbrella term. These "Post-Op" treatments are actually a hybrid of lymphatic techniques, basic wound care, compression adjustments, contouring and the use of some tools and machines. Each client's healing journey is different because of all the varying factors like what surgeries they had, what country they had it done, any pre-existing conditions, etc.


This makes "Post-Op Massage" much more intricate and cannot just be learned from a weekend course. Years of real-world experience are needed to gain the knowledge, see different cases and apply the skills. Ultimately, post-op care falls in a delicate, gray area between health care and esthetics so it is very important that clients choose a provider that can help them navigate that space.

Why should I get "Post-Op Massages"?

After surgery everything will be feeling sore and just "weird". Although it might seem intimidating to let someone touch you so soon, we promise you will feel so much better after your treatment.


Massages help kick-start your lymphatic system, which will be slowed down after surgery. This means helping your body get rid of toxins and fluids that it is otherwise holding on to. This also helps decrease the chances of any post-operative complications like seromas and fibrosis. Over time (sometimes even after 1 treatment) you will start to see the amazing results from your surgery.

What if I don't get massages?

Without massages, your body would take longer to heal and you may be left with visible scar tissue. So while technically no, you don't "NEED" massages but if you have already invested so much into your surgery, wouldn't you want the best and most esthetic outcome? Remember it is always easier to prevent than to treat issues later on that may already be permanent. 

The verdict?


When budgeting for surgery also budget for post-op care so you can ensure the smoothest recovery. Also, make sure your post-op provider has the experience needed for your recovery. Ask lots of questions because this is your health, your body and your money!

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